"We Do What We Must" is the 5th studio album by Northwest loud rockers Federation X and was recorded in Los Angeles with MELVINS drum god Dale Crover and MELVINS longtime recording engineer Toshi Kasai, or DEAF NEPHEWS as they call their two man production team.

Federation X, founded in Bellingham, WA in 1998, features Beau Boyd (Zorbatron) on drums, Ben Wildenhous (Von Wildenhaus) on guitar and bill badgley (Molasses Manifesto owner/operator) on guitar and vocals.

During their 15 year career Federation X has toured all over the US, Europe, and Israel and, in addition to singles, has recorded the following studio records:

We Do What We Must - 2008 (Recess Records/Molasses Manifesto, Recorded and produced by DEAF NEPHEWS)

Rally Day - 2005 (Wantage Records, Recorded by Ryan Anderson)

X Patriot - 2002 (Estrus Records, Recorded by Steve Albini)

American Folk Horror - 2001 (Estrus Records, Recorded by Tim Green)

Self Titled - 1998 (Molasses Manifesto, Recorded by Eric Kingfisher)

FEDERATION X "We Do What We Must" (2013)

BEN VON WILDENHAUS "Great Melodies From Around" 

​Twin Peaks esque multi-instrumentalist Ben Von Wildenhaus' debut effort "Great Melodies From Around" is a delightful triumph of beauty and poise. Like a drunk that never falls down "Great Melodies From Around"  ambles elegantly through a cavalcade of melodies and imagery that calmly show us what may be hidden in the cracks all around us.

What you can't see on the record is the captivating stage persona of Von Wildenhaus himself, although once he is revealed you will realize he was there in the record all the while. Equal parts Tony Clifton and Andres Segovia Von Wildenhaus commands the stage in a dirty off white suit, bushy mustache, and an old blue and white striped French naval sweater. Check www.vonwildenhaus.com for upcoming shows.

Ex Federation X guitar player begin playing under the name Von Wildenhaus some years ago in Brooklyn, New York. Ben now lives in Tacoma, WA with his family.