‚Äč"KILL ALL REDNECK PRICKS: A Documentary Film about a Band Called KARP" is the story of three friends overcoming  odds through rock n' roll music.

Set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States against the backdrop of the Olympia, WA post punk and riot grrrl movements of the early 1990s, Kill All Redneck Pricks details the joys and tragedies of a band called KARP as each member's life serves as a lightning bolt to a separate destiny.

Kill All Redneck Pricks is the biography of a friendship... because ultimately the sound a band makes is the sound of their friendship.

Film includes musical performances by KARP, The Whip, Big Business, and Melvins and interviews with Joe Preston, Calvin Johnson, Kathleen Hanna, Kimya Dawson and many more.

DVD extras include complete 3 camera shoot of KARP's apperance at the Yo Yo a Go Go Festival in 1994 & 1997.

Kill All Redneck Pricks was completed and began exhibition in October of 2011. Since the film's initial screening in London, England the film has show over 70 times in 10 countries including: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Australia, and the US. In addition to the countries where the film screened theatrically, DVD copies of the film have shipped to Canada, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, and Japan.

Kill All Redneck Pricks received a lot of great press including a review of "Excellent" in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and "3 out of 4 stars" in The Seattle Times.

Kill All Redneck Pricks is currently sold out of all DVDs, shirts, and posters. Please check back here on our "stuff" page and on the KARP DOC FB page "KARP LIVES!" for information on repressings and additional screenings.

"HERE TO BE HEARD: The Story of The Slits" is a film about the world's first all girl punk band who formed in London in 1976, contemporaries of The Clash & The Sex Pistols, they are the pioneering godmothers of the musical movement known as "Punky Reggae". The film tells the story of the band and the lives of the women involved, from the band's inception in 1976 to the bands end in 2010 at the death of lead vocalist Ari Up.

When Ari passed away she was working with SLITS tour manager and friend Jennifer Shagawat on a film about the band. After Ari passed and the film was still not completed Jennifer contacted her long time friend bill over at Molasses Manifesto to come on and help finish the project.

So far we've filmed with Tessa Pollitt (SLITS Bass Player), Paloma Romero (Palmolive - SLITS First Drummer), Viv Albertine (SLITS Guitarist), Bruce Smith (SLITS Second Drummer/P.I.L. Drummer), Hollie Cook (SLITS Vocalist/Keyboards/Percussion), Vivien Goldman (NYU's Punk Professor), Don Letts (Former SLITS Manager/Punk Documentarian), Dennis Bovell (Producer of The SLITS album CUT), Adrian Sherwood (Producer/Long time friend and collaborator of The SLITS), Jenny Mathias, and there are many more on the way!

We've also collected previously unseen footage of the band, as well as photographs, newspaper clippings, and recordings.

HTBH is in post production and will be premiering this year in London, stay tuned!